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11 reasons why linkbuilding is important for your website

The linkbuilding strategy has been criticized a lot. Some blackhat SEO practices should be avoided. But especially beginners do not even know when they actually implement bad elements that might effect search engine rankings. Therefore it is recommendable to learn about best linkbuilding practices and how to build backlinks for best search engine results.

But linkbuilding is a also a modern way of promoting your products and services online. So building backlinks will guarantee you much more than better search engine results. Here are 11 reasons why you should start your own linkbuilding campaign and why you should definitely read a linkbuilding guide before you start....

#1 You want be indexed by search engines

This reason is pretty clear. If you want to be seen and indexed by search engines you will need to optimize your websites. A very easy and fast way to get indexed is to set up backlinks that lead to your website. Only a few internal links can be enough to make your website visible in search engines. Of course to climb up the stairs to Google Pagerank #1 some further practices will be neccessary.

#2 Backlinks are still an important ranking factor

Every backlink can easily increase your ranking position. Of course it depends on the backlink quality, but the more High quality backlinks you gather the better your ranking position will get.

#3 Link building can boost popularity

Backlinks have an impact on your search engine ranking. But that doesn't many that every backlink counts in the same way. It depends on the PR backlink quality if your services or products will profit from the individual backlink. Therefore you should learn and know much more about how and where you build your backlinks. You can get further information here in the linkbuilding guide.

#4 Backlinks can raise your authority as an expert

SEO Experts like Neil Patel and others have already successfully grown their business models. And you can use the techniques as well. Build a profound backlink profile and prepare your business for success.
Therefore you have to build helpful, educating and valuable backlinks. Convince the reader, that the provided knowledge - you are linking to - is helpful and you will see that your authority as an expert is going to rise consistently.

#5 External and internal link buidling: Both types are important

If you want to know what backlink types are more important everyone is going to tell you that external backlinks from "outside" (Other blogs, communities, guest post artices, etc) leading to your website are most important. This might be just fine. But as an absolute beginner you should take care of your internal backlink profile. Make sure to create them as well. Otherwise it might take much longer until your websites get indexed...

#6 More backlinks will increase your sales chances

The better you spread your backlinks, the more people get the chance to find your products. But you will have to learn in detail where you have to place your backlinks in order to reach your target customers. Get the linkbuilding guide to optimize your target group reach.

#7 Link-building will save your website's visibility

Backlinks make sure that search engines can index your websites. Best linkbuilding knowledge about backlink profiles, great backlink sources, types and structures will make sure that you don't get out of sight. Most of beginners complain why they don't get the visibility although they invest so much time and energy. Take a look here for more information....

#8 Link-building is also a great direct sales channel

Product links are a great example that backlinks can drive revenue. Every backlink can result in a sale if your content and your product convince potential customers to buy your products.The direct impression of a product will also force customers to take the buying decision directly or wait for it and maybe come back after a while. And even if the customer is not going to buy the product, the chance to raise the customer's product awareness is the first big point before making a sale.

#9 Best link-building practices can be learned pretty fast

Before you start your first link-building campaign you have to make some preparations. Many companies focus on link-building strategies because they know about the long-term impact of valuable backlinks. Especially if you want fast growth and many new customers a fast link building strategy can lead to more success. But you have to be aware of the do' and don't. Get to know more link-building secrets in the link-building guide here.

#10 It is free

Building backlinks is free and besides the time that you invest there are no hidden costs or fees that you will have to pay. Especially internal backlinks can be easily used to stress the importance of a special website for free.

#11 Link-building is a great marketing strategy for all kind of products...

It doesn't matter what kind of product you want to sell. Building backlinks is also a great alternative, if you do not want to invest in ads only.
Take the chance and learn some import facts about link-building. It will also prevent yourself from posting links in the wrong places and getting ranking penalties for too much spam.
If you want to learn more on SEO and sales strategies with link-buidling take a FREE look into the guide.