“How I mastered the digital transformation with interactive posts”

The digital world is a growth opportunity for many businesses. If you want to drive growth for your company as a business leader, the boss of your own company or even if you are thinking about launching your startup, you will have to find more customers.

The digital part of your business, online sales, social media marketing and online ads will help your company to find and actually attract them. But how can you convince your customers or how can you grow your community, when many enterprises fail to grow a great user community and lose customers because they forget your brand and your products. The answer is pretty clear: You have to create a unique brand that sticks in customers minds. The statistics also underline the importance of a brand.

 “70% of brand marketers list building brand awareness as their top goal for social media.”


4 character traits of interactive posts

Different strategies can lead to more interaction of your peer group. And actually you have to try yourself what works best for you. But engaging and interactive posts have the same properties. Here are just some of them:

  • Good introduction
  • Clear form of address
  • Your idea, your thoughts
  • A good and connecting appeal like a video or an image….
  • an explicit call to action “follow”,”share”, “like”.

Creating interactive posts is a great way to engage your audience and get feedback from them. There are many ways to create interactive posts on social media, such as quizzes, videos, slideshows, animated GIFs, interactive charts and infographics, social sharing buttons, tweetable quotes, polls, surveys, Q&A sessions, contests, giveaways and more12.

Interactive posts can lead to more brand awareness

Interactive posts can help you increase engagement, reach, brand awareness, conversions and loyalty. They can also help you learn more about your audience’s preferences, opinions, challenges and needs.

There is much research on the way. Many people want to explore how you can engage people much more. Especially digital has to be engaging otherwise people will not interact with your brand or your company and your products will get sold less and less. Try to activate your community with a fresh communication design and use new strategies. Methods will help you to create the engagement you are looking for…






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