The writer‘s block – How to overcome it quickly

Authors can tell you a lot about the writer’s blog. As a blogger and published author on Amazon I can give you only little, yet helpful advice that I usually take in order to overcome the writer’s blog by myself. Actually, there can be many for a writer’s block reasons why you sometimes can’t perform the way you actually want to…

One reason might be that you really have to write something. In school or at university everyone gets certain types of homework or papers that simply got to be done. And of course, you can also start to write a book and somehow lose track because you are not sure how the story should actually end. But always remember this: Every author starts in front of an empty screen. It is nothing that you have to be scared about. The most important part is that.


But first of all: In the meantime, the writer’s block comes and goes. Like creativity is not present every day, you can be pretty optimistic that you will comeback in a writing routine after you have been stuck like in a dead end road. But how can do that and overcome the writer’s blog whenever you run out of good ideas?

How to overcome the writer’s block and become a better prepared writer

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First of all, the good news……. there are some great techniques that will help you whenever your workflow seems interrupted and stuck. But while some problems of writer’s block are simply erasable others need a little bit of training.

1 Your personal workflow – Maybe a reason for your writer’s block

Your personal workflow is part of your results and somehow contributes to your results. If you structure your tasks before you start writing your writer’s will be much less open for interruptions. Whenever you write make sure that your environment is good for writing. Take care of your work environment – the more things lay on your desk, the more sounds, videos and social media are open to your mind, the less concentration you can actually direct to your writings.

writer's block

Make sure you feel comfortable on your own desk. If you cannot handle the complete disaster on your desk make sure to “clear the table at least once a week. You may probably soon discover how good and easy your words rush on the screen before you even recognized them. And while this sounds like an easy way out, many students don’t really take these small advice for granted until someone eventually tells them to do so.

2 Your text is your own created building: Don’t start at the top if you have not built the walls yet

Make sure that you create the texts that you want to write about the way you want them to appear on screen. If you want to create a topic in a revised order, do so. If you want to start with an example, why not. If you want to create a dialog? Not the worst form of writing. There are many types of writing that actually make a text or a book attractive. The reason why many people get stuck is that they don’t know too much about the many variations of text that might create curiosity.

Every story has to be developed. Some great authors only write the introduction of the book after they have finished the whole story. It is kind of normal that for example writers of stories cannot tell how they are going to end the whole setting only until they have come to the point where they are pretty much sure how the story can develop.

A way to overcome a writer’s block is to actually to built a framework of ideas before you start. Sometimes a mind map can make you woke for knowledge gaps that might not be filled yet.

The visualization might be one of the keys that will guarantee success. You should not forget about that.

3 The sideeffects of perfectionism

Of course you will see what it means to keep up a certain quality level, but you have to be aware of the fact that too much perfectionism can be pretty much threaten your time and working hour calculation. If you want to perform better results you will need more time, a better working motivation or may be sometimes just a clear and focused mind. In times of pressure especially students have to survive tremendous workloads.

The high preasure of making the next test, exam or whatever it takes to survive in the melting pot of different challenges can get you to the more less tough ride on razor blade. Sometimes it will take you good nerves just to keep going.

So a good timeplan maybe a good preparation and a great motivated mind can help to create the quality that you actually accept.

Conclusion – Improve your performance and don’t panic

Writing is not easy. The writer’s block can be painful, especially in times of tremendous pressures. The hard answer: There will never be the one and only easy way out. The multi-tasking improvement might be one of the most interesting abilities that might be helpful to keep yourself away from bad performances.  

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