Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – a great receipt on how to start your money making business

Lots of people want to make money with their affiliate marketing blog but actually do not know which products to promote. As a online marketing beginner you need to look for some beginners handbooks to get started. They will teach you to start with your first idea. And they will also help you to prevent some basic mistakes that most of the beginners might make.

The roots of affiliate marketing and modern Affiliate Marketing for beginners

Affiliate marketing can help you to make money with your blog. But you have to be aware that it can take some time before you are able to attract and get first customers. Having a blog does not actually mean you can make money with it. It depends on how you advertise or sell your own products. Sometimes it is better to build your own product range.

Modern Affiliate Marketing is also based on best keyword research and on better targeting. The key questions of your own business must be: What is a potential customer looking and searching for? These keywords will determine if your linked products can get successful. If you use the wrong keywords your sales numbers will not increase.

The clue is to focus on valuable content and to show your audience that you can deliver something that might be useful to fulfill a special user need.

1. Choosing an affiliate program for beginners

Another critical aspect of affiliate marketing is the affiliate program that you are going to pick. There are many individual products that you might choose or you can start with the Amazon Partner Program. Amazon is one of the best affiliate marketing program for beginners because you can choose from many products and you can combine them at any time.

Affiliate marketing for beginners

Especially beginners can start to promote different products. It will not be too easy to get first customers, but the key is to educate and focus on relevant information. If you deliver somehow valuable information, your customer is more likely to follow your affiliate links.

Do not focus on the commission too much. In the beginning it is more important to drive traffic to you offers rather than looking for great commission rates. If you made first sales you can also use the experience to promote better paying affiliate networks.

2. Using the best media to promote your products

No matter which kind of affiliate marketing program you might choose. You have to find a way to reach as many people as possible. You do not have to own a website to find new customers. Maybe a youtube channel or a social media group can be very useful to advertise as well. The follwoing types of media might be useful and effective to promote your affiliate products….

  • Youtube Channel
  • Facebook Groups
  • Website
  • Pinterest Board
  • Twitter Channel

Although it is not possible to promote you products directly from Twitter or Pinterest, you can use these Channels to constantly drive traffic to your website or social media group. But no matter which content channel you will pick for your special affiliate niche, you have to build content that users are going to search for. Pinterest might be a great social media platform for DIY products.

The following books offer further strategies on how to build affiliate marketing for beginners.

3. Building high quality content

Quality content is the key for affiliate product sales success. If you cannot explain why products might be important you customer is not going to buy your product. You have to create…

  • Attention
  • Intest
  • Desire
  • Action

…to get the chance for your first ordered product. Attention is created by great headlines. If your customer is not curious after having read the headline, he is not even close to your affiliate offer. Use a good headline and try to start to develope tension in your written article.

The interest and desire for your products will not emerge if you do not manage to present your idea, theory or method. The user want some practical advice or short and understandable practices to get closer to better results.

4. Generating constant website traffic – Crucial for affiliate marketing

No matter what you promote. If you do not attract sufficient website traffic streams none of your visitors will ever becomer customers. And that is one of the most important keys if you ever start your own affiliate marketing business.

How to find best products to sell on Amazon (FBA)

You will have to invest lots of time to create many content pages, social media posts or youtube videos before your eventually make money. But commissions can be become an passive income stream, which makes affiliate marketing so attractive to anybody who wants to be financially independent. Learn to create really successfull content and start to widen the visibility of your business. You will finally get closer to a higher commissions income.

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