6 reasons why you need a website traffic tracker in 2023

It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, influencer or online shop owner. Every eCommerce platform should have the chance to get more information out of its own web presensce. And that is why social media marketing plattorms or ebay and wordpress blogs offer statistics to track statistical information about the website traffic.

Here are 6 reasons why you need advanced skills to setup your website traffic tracker more professionally.

The most important website traffic trackers

Twitter insights, WP Statistics or the woocommerce sales dashboard offer important tracking information. And also channels like Pinterest or Instagram deliver great insights via their own statistical dashboard. While sometimes it is enough to know how many people visit your blog or onlineshop, professional eCommerce seller focus on a more detailed targeting to analyze user, shopping or buying bahavior more precisely.

Bloggers setup tracking information for example because they want to know how long the audience wants to stay and maybe if the content gets too boring for the adressed reader. As a webmaster and online shop owner you will be more and more dependent on information if you want to know why your interested prospects stops selling your products.

Especially in times when sales numbers decrease business owners start to think about possibilities to improve the situation and to reattract no target groups.

The most popular website traffic tracker for free: Google Analytics (GA) + Google Search Console (GSC)

website traffic tracker

Both Google Analytics (GA) and Google Search Console (GSC) deliver best information and a lot of details. But many website owner miss to optimize the tracking possiblities hence some tracking aspects can get rather complicated.

#1 GSC and GA are free

Both tools are free to use. So far you do not have to pay for the service.

#2 The tracking opportunities are great

The tracking possibilities are countless. You have lots of numbers that you can measure. And if you want to setup more you can do that at any time.

#3 User behavior information is valuable

The user behavior can open new sales opportunities. Especially when your sales are growing you can get more data out of your key customer group.

#4 You will be able to monitor your changes

Whenever you changed something on you website you can measure the change in the user behavior.

#5 Website tracking will open doors to improvement

Only if you can compare performances of different websites you will know what you can change in order to grow your webiste users again.

#6 Website tracking doesn’t need further input

Once your tracking is active no further work has to be done. You can have a look at the data and take all the data to improve your website performance.

Do you want to learn to setup Google Analytics in a more professional way?

If you want to learn to setup Google analytics you have to get to know Google Analytics and the GSC more in detail. Both tools offer their service for free., but yet only a few webmaster manage to reach best results. Tracking a website is not so complicated. In the following guide webmaster insights you can learn some great tracking opportunities for your business

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