Rich Results Test: How to boost your website performance 2024

Search engine performance is crucial for many online player like influencer, online shops or even blogger. The optimization process should first of all focus on visiblilty in search engines before content gets planned more precisely. Especially the indexing problem for many startups can be solved by better markups. Simply use the rich results tester and enhance search engine visibility. Schema markup optimization aims at going “beyond blue link search engine snippets” as Google calls it in its own website presentation here….

1. SEO Performance 2023 – “First-things-First”

In order to improve the website performance it is basically the first goal to get as many indexed as possible.

rich results test
Checking the rich results test and creating better schema code for your website

A great way for better results is the Rich Results Test, which is not just a Testing but even more than that a “scheme markup creator” for websites. It is possible to setup new markup schemas that can be directly copied to the websites html code.

2. More visible search engine results

rich results test
Schema markup: The colorful bird in search engine results….

The best part of modern search engine results are the great results that occur if you include schema markup. You will see a receipe with a picture and the number of reviews or you will find your business products with a product picture and a price tag and everything on first sight. The higher usability and the way search engine results appear are pretty much impressive compared to older and simple blue- link-versions. That is why every business should focus on latest improvement in SEO Marketing to get the customer traffic that every good running business deserves….

3. Rich results test: How to create a brand new markup for best indexing chances in 3 steps

Google provides all the tools for webmasters that make best search engine performance available for every webmaster. But actually only professional focus on applying the markup. Since extension and plugins enter markup in webpages, indexing has improved automatically. But in addition a handmade, ready-to-use markup for “stand-alone” websites can be a great search engine booster. So, let us create a new website with the Rich results test.

  • Test your website(s) for rich results

Choose your website and put in the helper tool. Who will get a result after a few moments, sometimes it takes longer, depending on the code which is already included on your website.

  • Add further markup

Now you have to think about all certain kind of scheme markup that can be included in your page. Imagine the many markups like receipes, articles, reviews, movies, products and also places that can be tagged in a scheme markup for your business. So after you have finished to mark an item and enter all the neccessary values, you can generate the unique and brandnew markup for your special page.

  • Overwrite the existing html code of the website

Now you can get your results into action and perform your results. Take the copies code and insert it in the html of your homepage. Therefor you can simply overwrite the old file and create a new scheme markup version of your homepage.

And this is one of the most important parts to get a first and formost fast new ranking if you want to publish and get faster ranking results. The basis JSLD markup was not included in older websites. But this markup is now an important index parameter especially in mobile search engines. So, if you want to stay uptodate you have to start and integrate new and updated schemes.

4. Advantages of JSLD Snippets for your Website SEO

  • Better long-term ranking results
  • High-converting snippets via best visualisation
  • Faster detection of website elements and mobile pages
  • More snippets in scheme markup friendly search engines
  • More playful, multi-color customer search engine user experience

Actually and as you can read there are many advantageous results if you integrate the schema markup in your website and actually that is the reason why many websites already did it. The integrattion of the code in their websites already happened a few years ago. But for today you can optimize these snippets and check, if the rich results are complete so far. The following advantages will stay the same, but are still mentionable….

5. Conclusion Rich results test: The start of the schema markup optimization 2024

The markup scheme can be tested and generated in the Google Rich Test Environment and also helps you to generate the code that enables snippet search engine results.

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